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Dis/Ability can deploy us into fixing or getting rid of something, grasping for culturally conditioned images of healing, recovery and standardized norms; yet it can also inspire us to question the assumptions we make about the human body, mind, behavior and subjectivity.

There’s something fascinating about the autistic individuals’ ability to “look away” at the world that cracks the conventional Bell curve and disrupts the DSM-5 narrative, inviting us – the neurotypicals – to meander into unmapped territories. Is this ‘looking away’ an invitation for us to lose our ways, become sensuously alive and curious, and engage in playfulness that expands our notions about the spectrum of humanity? Is vocal language the only modality that makes us intelligible? These are some of the questions that motivate us to approach the concept of disability from an idionomic* point of view.

Idionomic – Having laws of its own; Unique. see Process-based therapy


Our mission in Ausblick is to reframe the unyielding noun of ‘disability’ into:


  • Verbs and actions describing helpful and less helpful relating to the world;
  • Processes of change based on the psychological flexibility model
  • Sense-making and meaning that each disability offers as a gift
  • Contexts in which we find ourselves abled and disabled
  • Ecologies formed by the unique inter-relatedness between individual and community 


In doing so, we hope that we can create a multi-dimensional view and multi-level support for our clients.