Who Am I?

Veneta Dimitrova left her Bulgarian home at the age of 18 with 25 € in her pocket and since then journeys out of her comfort zone on wings of curiosity and courage.

Cooked for 15+ years in education, psychology, counseling, and behavior analysis, with an ivy-league academic background, Veneta has been touched by the unique stories of human-trafficked women, domestic violence survivors, children and teens with autism. Veneta believes that education is a meaningful intervention and transformation of the world and witnessing people expand their learning potential brings her joy.

Veneta creates contexts where knowledge and behavior are driven and shaped by the intrinsic power of the learning process and not by fears of „getting it wrong“ or ambitions of „making it perfect“. She investigates how the emotional experiences of humans color their interactions with the environment. Veneta has attracted a team of well-seasoned practitioners as well as bright graduates with versatile backgrounds in behavior analysis, speech and language pathology and occupational therapy. She gardens passionately Teaching Tree which has become a focal point for individuals searching experience, mentorship or professional development.

Veneta is balancing learning and teaching, love and science, family and business – some days with skill and grace and other days with effort and challenge.

Words that inspire her work: „I teach because I search, because I question, and because I submit myself to questioning. I research because I notice things (…) and in so doing, I intervene. And intervening, I educate and educate myself. I do research so as to know what I do not yet know and to communicate and proclaim what I discover“ Paulo Freire

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