Teaching Tree’s mission is to promote life-long learning by embodying the principles of quality and value, while keeping in focus the well-being of our clients, employees, and communities.
Quality is defined as the adherence to science and maintaining high ethical standards in the pedagogical process without losing empathetic focus on the client. Value is defined as the efficient use of resources by placing effective scientific teaching practices to optimize the number of learning opportunities per any given time.
Teaching Tree’s employees get things done by engaging in a multi-dimensional problem-solving process and data analysis which require self-reflective practice, collaboration, creativity and openness. Our staff learns both from success as well as miraculous mistakes which we define as the courage to go beyond our current comfort zone of what we know and do well.
Our approach is valid as long as it leads to effective actions and meaningful growth, if not – we adapt and modify our programs in response to the environmental feedback. Teaching Tree sprouted in the field of applied behavior science and naturally is rooted in functional contextualism which predicts and changes behavior with ‘precision, scope, and depth.’


Veneta Dimitrova established Teaching Tree in 2014 as a one-person operation to serve the needs of children with ASD within the US-Military and NATO contingent in Ramstein. By 2020 the local access to ABA services increased by 1900%, the clinic grew into the largest employer of behavior analysts in Germany, our in-house services expanded to include occupational and speech therapy, and we sowed the seeds for the foundation of multiple independent ABA providers. In 2021, we restructured Teaching Tree Clinic as a steward-owned, purpose-based organization with the name Ausblick Therapie GmbH. Under the leadership of David Cole, Ausblick opened two additional clinics in Hochheim and Amberg and we signed the first contracts with various municipalities to provide ABA to German clients. In the spirit of steward ownership, we are committed to remain independent of stock market value as a measure for success, and use our profit to advance Ausblick’s purpose.