[title size=”1″]External Supervisors[/title] Teaching Tree maintains high quality of services by following the Professional Guidelines recommended by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. This is why Veneta stays in close contact with two behavior analysts with doctoral levels in behavior analysis who act as her mentors and external supervisors. Veneta remains in dialogue with her university professors and mentors and the scientific community at large to ensure her own continuation of professional development and allow her professional peers to review her work.

[title size=”2″]Profile Picture[/title] [person name=”Fabiola Casarini, Ph. D.
Co-Founder at Centro Tice
www.centrotice.it” picture=”http://teachingtree.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Fabiola1.jpg” title=””]


[/person] [title size=”2″]Who am I?[/title] I am passionate about learning 
and research using the science of behavior analysis. 
My professional goal is to offer effective intervention strategies for children and adolescents with learning disabilities, 
developmental disabilities, and behavioral or emotional disorders. In collaboration with Italian and foreign universities, I develop and update courses for institutions and create leverage 
for the development of innovations and social applications in the science of education.

Words that inspire me: “Don’t forget to dream”.

[title size=”2″]Professional background:[/title] [toggle title=”Professional and research interests”]Dr. Casarini dedicates her time to change the current pedagogical practices for children and adolescents with learning and developmental disabilities in Italy by filling out an important missing piece: the establishment of university training programs that prepare teachers and related professionals to implement science-driven teaching instructions and developing of accreditation system for professionals who engage in behavior analysis. She has streamlined university courses in Applied Behavior Analysis at dell’Università di Parma and leads lectures both in English and Italian.

In 2006 she co-founded Centro TICE – a non-profit organization that promotes innovative teaching 
and research using the science of behavior