We invite those seeking new horizons to join a large and diverse team of BCBAs, OTs, and SLPs in Germany! Evidence-based therapy for children with disabilities is not widely available abroad. Ausblick Therapie GmbH is a leader in wraparound services for Europeans, US military, and expats living in the French-Swiss-German borderlands.


  • Location! We are located in the heart of Western Europe.
    • Kindsbach: Our headquarters is no more than 2 hours to the French, Belgium, and Luxembourg borders. From nearby Saarbrücken, hop on a high-speed train and in 2 hours find yourself walking along the Seine in Paris. Frankfurt International Airport, 90 minutes away, is your ticket to the rest of Germany, Europe, and the world.
    • Hochheim: Our clinic is surrounded by vineyards surrounded by three metropolitan areas. In 2 hours, give or take, reach not only Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, but also the Netherlands. Frankfurt International Airport, a hub for both planes and trains, is now only 30 minutes away.
    • Amberg: Our Bavarian clinic is located in a cobblestoned, fairytale town. Only 45 minutes beyond its fortress walls is Nuremburg to the west and the Czech Republic to the east. In 2 hours, catch Octoberfest in Munich or cross into Austria. In 2 1/2 hours, lose yourself in the awe-inspiring Alps.
  • Work-life balance: We offer salaries that are competitive on an hourly basis with those in US. However, our staff work half the hours. Choose how much you want to work, up to 30 hours per week. But when we say 30 hours, we mean 30 hours, not 30 billable hours plus an additional 30 non-billable hours.
  • Eurostyle benefits: 25 days of paid vacation and up to 11 paid holidays per year; sick leave for both employees and children; medical and dental insurance; pension plan; and other public benefits, including a monthly stipend of more than 200 euro per child.
  • Perks: In-house CEUs, professional German language tutoring, and a path to permanent European residency.
  • Just ask: Mentorship from an international, interdisciplinary team for newer therapists and substantial autonomy for experienced therapists.


  • Certification or Licensure as a Behavior Analyst, Occupational Therapist, or Speech-Language Pathologist; PhD or equivalent in Clinical Psychology; or MD in Psychiatry
  • Fluent English or German
  • Ability to provide 1:1 therapy as needed


    Professional Crisis Management

    Our therapists work with clients with minimal, transitory social needs to clients who require significant, lifelong support. Those with the most significant needs may exhibit extreme aggression, self-injury, and property destruction. Safety of clients and those around them is our first priority. Professional Crisis Management is an effective and humane approach to physical intervention that has been demonstrated to not only increase client and staff safety but also decrease the number of incidents requiring physical intervention.

    Teaching Tree Clinic employs a PCM Certified Instructor who provides trainings to both our own staff and other German providers in crisis management procedures. Should you or your company be interested in this training, please contact us.

    Authorized Continuing Education Provider

    Teaching Tree Clinic is one of the few overseas providers authorized to host continuing education (CE) events by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. We regularly schedule events, both free and paid, on Thursdays at 14:00 Central European Time. Should you or your company be interested in these events, please contact us.