Our policies

Voluntary principle

All TT clients receive behavioral services, supervision, training or consultation on voluntary basis. Clients can request withdrawal or cancel services at any time with or without explanation.

A two-week notice is appreciated in case of withdrawal/cancellation of services for children with autism since this allows TT to accommodate schedule changes for other students or speed up the admission process for new families.

A monthly cancellation notice is required for all scheduled domestic and international training and supervision services. Travel costs reimbursement and cancellation fees may apply.


Veneta Dimitrova is the Program Manager and Director of Teaching Tree. Veneta is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and her qualifications can be viewed on the website. Her references and full resume are available upon request. Veneta is in close contact with two behavior analysts with doctoral level in behavior analysis who act as her mentors and external supervisors. Veneta stays in dialogue with her university professors and mentors and the scientific community at large to ensure her own continuation of professional development and allow her professional peers to review her work.

Veneta assesses all clients who are beneficiaries of TT’s comprehensive autism services, develops their behavioral interventions and educational programs, and maintains close oversight of all intervention and learning decisions. All students at TT receive at least 50% of the service sessions per week with Veneta. She is also responsible for the development and delivery of all professional training services.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts

TT employs only behavior analysts certified by BACB® who have extensive experience and have undergone a rigorous training process with the Program Manager. All behavior analysts meet with Veneta once a month to discuss case specific questions and receive minimum of 1-hour supervision per month during which their teaching behaviors are measured with empirically tested protocols. Additionally the entire staff receives outside supervision by our external collaborators twice a year.

In our effort to promote students’ mastery and generalization of learned skills across different individuals and interobservers’ agreement on collected data we try to match each student from the comprehensive autism program with two behavior analysts who split the center one-to-one services equally.

Behavior technicians

At the center we employ behavior technicians who facilitate playgroups, small group activities and/or our “parents’ night-out” service. Our behavior technicians have received sound training in behavior analysis and are fluent in the implementation of many behavior interventions. Their performance is thoroughly monitored and reviewed by the Program Manager using science-based teaching performance scales.

At home families may choose to hire their own educational assistants or co-therapists. Coverage for these services is either provided by the family or by the local German government if the family is eligible to receive such financial support. We are more than happy to train, oversee and supervise the work of any home-based co-therapist.


Students under the autism program receive balanced delivery of services throughout the week and their schedules remain fixed during the authorized treatment period. TT strives to assign session times that optimize the learning process – this means we do our best to offer services that are in synchrony with the student’s naptime, school hours, etc.

If a schedule change is required, please submit schedule change requests via email 30 days prior to the desired schedule change. Changes to each child’s schedule will be granted on a space-available basis.


Center-based one-to-one sessions run between 1 and 2 hrs in length, depending on the student’s age and needs. The behavior analyst will promptly pick up the child in the waiting