Supervision and Mentorship

We teach practicioners (BCBA-candidates, RBTs, etc.) how to fish by developing:

  • Meta knowledge (the knowledge of what one knows) and understanding of personal and procedural limitations
  • Professional cusps and higher-order decision frameworks that allow the supervisees to apply their repertoires into novel untaught contexts
  • Excellence in scientific vocabulary and behavioral principles that allows supervisees to link their practice to theoretical background
  • Integration of theoretical knowledge, empirical research and technical skills
  • Fluent and accurate implementation of evidence-based tactics and strategies
  • Sensitivity to ethical and legal issues and adherence to professional guidelines and standards
  • Attention to diverse contexts, environments, populations
  • Critical self-reflection and willingness to subject oneself to peer-assessment within the professional community

Our supervisors facilitate practitioners’ growth in collaborative manner by:

  • Carefully balancing support and challenge
  • Recognizing each supervisee’s strengths and talents and encouraging learning to learn
  • Providing constructive and corrective science-informed feedback
  • Measuring supervisee’s behaviors towards determined learning goals
  • Modeling empirically tested practices from the field
  • Embodying high ethical standards that prioritize and protect the end client’s well-being and the integrity of the science and the society at large