Teaching Tree gives back

Our center is a giving tree that lives on symbiotic relations. Below you will find the various ways in which we give back to the local community.

Talks and presentations

For the last three years Veneta volunteered to be the guest speaker at events held by CAUSE (Community for Autism Understanding, Support & Education) and ACS (Army Community Service). She continues to engage in the delivery of lectures and talks on volunteer bases and is open for invitations from any local educational or health care institutions interested to learn more about behavior analysis, scientific teaching practices and the specific needs of children with developmental delays.


Our center holds a small library containing readings on autism, behavior analysis, teaching, parenting and discipline. All books have been donated by TT staff or clients and are available for review at the center. Individuals who wish to borrow a book for longer period can do so after talking with the TT Director.

Educational resources

TT updates constantly its’ educational resources (instructional materials, curriculum packages, data collection sheets, educational and/or fun web-sites and apps, etc.) and is willing to share all materials and resources provided the fact they are not copyrighted.

Hosting professional exchange meetings (Positive reinforcement for professionals)

Once every two months our center hosts individuals who work with clients with special needs for a professional exchange lunch or dinner. During this time professionals can exchange ideas, research findings, best practices or opinions about topics pertaining to education and behavior interventions in a comfortable environment.

Parents’ night out (Positive reinforcement for parents)

We understand the unique needs of families with children with autism. Many parents report increased stress and burnout symptoms in their day-to-day lives. Twice a year we provide our families with a free 2-hour evening childcare at the center to allow parents to share a “carefree” moment. Parents’ nights out are scheduled with the approval of the Program Manager.

Siblings’ Day (Positive reinforcement for siblings)

Siblings of children receiving services at the center are welcomed to join in for a session when prior arrangements are made with the Program Director. Siblings can ask questions, observe, play, and learn more about their brother’s or sister’s preferred fun activities, learning strengths, or specific needs. During such sessions the behavior analyst in charge will also model how to create opportunities for social and playful interactions between siblings.