What is Teaching Tree?

A learning environment

Teaching Tree is a learning environment where evidence-based teaching strategies take place. It is designed for all types of learners regardless of their developmental levels. Students with learning or developmental disabilities acquire essential milestones that will support their growth, students with challenging behaviors benefit from interventions that reduce the negative impact these behaviors have on their educational process, while advanced students accelerate their talents and reach greater learning independence.

An agent for lasting change

Teaching Tree is an agent for lasting change. This means that while addressing the individual needs of each learner, we target his or her natural environments (home, school, organization) and provide systematic support on all functional levels. This is why we work with parents, educators, related service providers, medical professionals, members of community agencies and entire public and private educational establishments.

A science-informed organization

Teaching Tree is a science informed organization that is dedicated to disseminating research findings from the field of behavior analysis among various groups and popularizing them in new languages, cultures and institutions. It pilots innovative educational technologies and shares the results within the scientific community. It translates learning problems into research questions and collaborates with institutions interested in the development of experimental designs which scopes of inquiry are education, pedagogical practices, and behavioral interventions.